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DMLS Metal Partials

Utica Dental Laboratory has upgraded its metal partial manufacturing! Utica Dental Lab is proud to announce that as of May 2020 all cast metal partial frames have been upgraded to DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) frames. Utilizing new technology in 3D printing, Utica Dental Lab will provide its’ clients with a far superior product. Combining a Computer Aided Design process with a Digital Metal Laser Sintering manufacturing process will lead to a new standard for RPD production for years to come. 3D Printing Technology has far surpassed traditional metal casting in the Dental Lab industry. In terms of providing a quality product that dentists can rely on, the DMLS process is the best solution. No other technology allows a lab technician to make the minute changes that will effect fit while also possessing the capability to manufacture on such a small scale. Simply put: the DMLS process affords us an opportunity of precision that simply does not exist with traditional metal casting.

We are delighted to bring this technology to you our customers. It enhances our mission of providing our customers with the best CONSISTENCY, QUALITY, and SERVICE we can offer.

Our new powdered alloy is from Bego and has the following characteristics:

Name: Mediloy S-CO Makeup: Co 63.9%, Cr 24.7%, W 5.4%, Mo 5%, Si 1%





Cast Metal Partials

*All Cast Metal Partials and Cast Metal Frameworks have been discontinued as of 5/15/2020*

We have discontinued all CAST prostheses. Instead, we have invested in DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) technology. Metal prostheses are designed digitally, then, sent right to our In-House DMLS 3D Printer. This insures precise fit up to 30 microns, while eliminating almost all possible human error during the laborious casting process.


3D Printed Frames Hype