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Acrylic Partials

These removable partials are constructed almost entirely out of acrylic, and include metal clasps to hold the prosthesis in place. They are designed for patients who have one or more missing teeth but are not fully edentulous, and are made either by press pack (generic) or mold injected (premium) methods with Lucitone 199 acrylic and Artic teeth by Kulzer.


Acrylic Partial DentureThis popular denture solution differs from cast metal partials in a few key areas:


Acrylic Partial

Cast Metal Partial

Acrylic frame

 Acrylic housing units fused to a metal frame

More aesthetic

Less aesthetic

(metal frame may be noticeable)

A bit more bulky

(depending on the patient's level of bone loss on the jaw ridge)

Less Bulky

Holds less tightly

Holds more tightly