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Two Great Ways to SAVE on Implant Restorations!

Option 1 - Authentic OEM Parts


Utica Dental Lab offers authentic implant restoration parts for all major implant systems at a fixed price. Cost includes crown, final custom abutment & screw, soft tissue model, and abutment orientation jig. Additional costs could include any needed implant analogs or extra screws.Utica Dental Lab is willing to explore all implant system providers. Implant systems we have worked with include, but are not limited to Biomet 3i, Camlog, Dentsply, Hiossen, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Neoss, and Zimmer Dental.








Option2 - Tru Abutment CAD/CAM Solutions


Many products offered by TruAbutment are compatible with major implant restoration systems at considerable savings. Cost includes crown, final custom abutment & screw, soft tissue model, and abutment orientation jig. Additional costs could include any needed implant analogs or extra screws.





Tru Abutment offers compatible parts for the following manufactuers:

Tru Abutment Implant system Compatibility
Blue Sky Bio Dentsply Sirona Dentis
DIO Dentium Hiossen/Osstem
Implant Direct Keystone Dental MegaGen
MIS NeoBiotech Neodent
Neoss Nobel Biocare Straumann
  Zimmer Biomet  

Custom Abutments

Utica Dental Laboratory is a provider of Glidewell Inclusive abutments.

Custom implant abutments produced from titanium and zirconia are popular and affordable choices for cement-retained restorations. Advancements in dental CAD/CAM and manufacturing techniques make it possible to create patient-specific abutments that are both strong and esthetic. Custom abutments are available in three primary configurations:

Titanium Abutments

Titanium abutments are the workhorses of custom abutments. Their versatility and robustness make titanium custom abutments the most widely prescribed abutment of the three. They can be used in both the upper and lower arches — for any tooth number — and their long history of success is well documented in the dental literature.


Zirconia Custom Abutments

Zirconia custom abutments are prescribed primarily in the anterior of the maxillary arch for esthetic reasons. Because zirconia abutments are of all-ceramic composition, there is no titanium to show through the soft tissue or leave a dark central shadow in the crown. This makes them particularly advantageous when dealing with thin tissue biotypes, which may be subject to discoloration resulting from titanium shading visible through the gingiva. Besides its excellent strength and esthetic characteristics, zirconia exhibits hygienic properties comparable to titanium. Another unique feature offered by zirconia abutments is the ability to layer pink porcelain directly onto the abutment, when necessary, to approximate the color of the surrounding soft tissue.


Zirconia Custom Abutments with a Titanium Connection

Also known as zirconia “hybrid” abutments, these are prescribed more often than all-zirconia abutments. With hybrid abutments, a zirconia body is luted in the laboratory to a short titanium connection feature — sometimes referred to as a titanium base — to provide a titanium-to-titanium interface with the implant platform. In most circumstances, this titanium connection is very short and is not visible through the tissue. Because the connection to the implant is made from titanium, these abutments are compatible with the same abutment screws used in titanium abutments. The titanium portion can also be color-coded during the manufacturing process, providing a visual cue to help immediately identify the matching implant platform.


Utica Dental Laboratory is willing to work with all OEM parts from any major implant system provider.