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Utica Dental Lab - EvoDoctor Portal

Utica Dental Lab offers access to a complete client service interface. Atlanta Based Systems Evolution dental lab management software offers doctors a secured web portal to view their cases' status, send pickup request, pay bills online and much more! Once you decide your first case, we will create an account for you to view all your relevant lab information.






Utica Dental Laboratory has recently reached an agreement with Carbon Digital Manufacturing. We will be utilizing their cutting-edge 3D printer platform to bring truly 100% digital dentures. The advancement should increase patient comfort and durability, while reducing turnaround time.

From digital dentures and night guards, to digital models and clear aligners, Crafted by Carbon dental products have changed the patient experience. Modern craftsmanship that provides consistent accuracy the first and every time for unmatched fit, finish, and comfort.

Materials: Carbon has released 15 new resins in the last 18 months and will continue to innovate by introducing several additional third-party resins as well as a new materials initiative.

At IDS, Carbon is launching multiple new third-party resins, including:

Keystone Industries KeySplint Soft Clear, exclusively for Carbon: Expected to be the first FDA Class II approved resin for dental splints and nightguards

Dreve FotoDent Castable for Carbon: For removable partial dentures

Dreve FotoDent Indirect Bonding Tray: For orthodontic applications

Dentsply Premium Denture Resin: For premium dentures

Introducing the caraPrint 4.0 by Kulzer!

Utica Dental Lab is currently beta testing the new caraPrint 4.0 3D Digital Printer by Kulzer. We are the first lab in North America to review the instrument.

3D printing allows for an accurate and efficient modeling method. When combined with the accuracy of digital impressions, the 3D printer takes all the guess work out of creating your patient's frames. The end result is a more accurate fit and less turn around time!

We are excited to explore all of the new techniques the caraPrint 4.0 allows!

caraPrint 4.0 Applications










cara Print 4.0 Feature Video

Kulzer presents the cara Print 4.0 3D Printer!

caraPrint 4.0 Digital Workflow