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Digital Dentistry



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Utica Dental Lab - EvoDoctor Portal

Utica Dental Lab offers access to a complete client service interface. Atlanta Based Systems Evolution dental lab management software offers doctors a secured web portal to view their cases' status, send pickup request, pay bills online and much more! Once you decide your first case, we will create an account for you to view all your relevant lab information.





Introducing the caraPrint 4.0 by Kulzer!

Utica Dental Lab is currently beta testing the new caraPrint 4.0 3D Digital Printer by Kulzer. We are the first lab in North America to review the instrument.

3D printing allows for an accurate and efficient modeling method. When combined with the accuracy of digital impressions, the 3D printer takes all the guess work out of creating your patient's frames. The end result is a more accurate fit and less turn around time!

We are excited to explore all of the new techniques the caraPrint 4.0 allows!

caraPrint 4.0 Applications










cara Print 4.0 Feature Video

Kulzer presents the cara Print 4.0 3D Printer!

caraPrint 4.0 Digital Workflow

















Ultaire AKP Partial Frame

The Ultaire AKP is a possible replacement for cast metal frames and acrylic frames regarding partial dentures. The flexible frames are milled out of a new polymer to ensure precision and comfort. The big difference is the models are scanned in and designed digitally via digital impressions.

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Utica Dental Laboratory is Accepting Digital Impressions

An all-digital workflow. Digital design and production. Improved accuracy providing better fitting restorations and faster turnaround times. Eliminating initial transit times, we are able to start designing your cases almost immediately.

Using state of the art 3Shape dental design software and Roland Dental Mills, our highly experienced technicians are able to fabricate the best fitting restorations using today’s most popular materials.

Send your digital impressions either via your impressions units’ proprietary customer portal or by sending your downloaded .STL files (for open systems) to Utica Dental by logging in to the My Account page of our website


Planmeca PlanScan:

Planmeca PlanScan users can send scans via the E4D®Sky network, or by logging in to the UDL Customer Portal.


After receiving a scan file for a traditional or implant restoration, clinicians can transmit the data to an approved laboratory by selecting “Send” on the screen. Contact Align Technology directly to add Utica Dental Laboratory to your list of “Favorite Labs.”

3Shape TRIOS:

Submit 3Shape TRIOS scans to Utica Dental Laboratory using 3Shape Communicate™. Minutes after your scanning is complete, our lab technicians can receive your TRIOS digital impressions and immediately start designing your traditional or implant restoration. When your design is complete, a 3D model will automatically be sent to the 3Shape Communicate site for you to review before we begin fabricating your restoration.

3Shape Website

Carestream 3500 & 3600:

Carestream users can send impression data in an open file format (.stl) to laboratories around the world. We are properly equipped and ready to handle your case fabrication needs.

3M True Definition Scanner:

Easily and securely send digital impression files through the 3M™ Connection Center to Utica Dental. To add Utica Dental to your list of labs, please contact 3M ESPE directly.

3M ESPE Website

STL Files:

(.STL) files can easily be transmitted directly to our lab via our customer portal, linked below.

Utica Dental Laboratory Customer Portal